THE CLIMB Alpe d’Huez is a project conceived by an experienced team, the same passionate group organising the Alpe d’Huez Triathlon. It is also the result of a well-oiled 10-year collaboration. For the Cyrille Neveu Organisation (Organiser) and Youniti (Marketing and Communication agency), the desire to create a unique event in the mecca of cycling, with a new concept, is taking shape. Exclusive, alternative, festive, THE CLIMB Alpe d´Huez is a perfect complement to the Triathlon, a consolidated event recognised for the quality of its organisation.

Do not hesitate, dear climbers. Contact us! Let us know your questions and concerns. Proximity and availability are the basis of our “credo”, that of THE CLIMB family.

Nicolas Beck

In charge of marketing and communication.

Laurence Neveu

In charge of admin and climbers service.

Cyrille Neveu

In charge of logistic and race management.

Martí Milla

In charge of brand development and application.