Rules – The Climb Alpe d’Huez 2022

Article 1 – Insurance and responsibilities

The THE CLIMB Alpe d’Huez event is organised by the Alpetriathlon association and the limited liability company Cyrille Neveu (“The Organisation”) and is not affiliated with the French Cycling Federation (FFC).


Insurance of the Organisation

– Civil liability: in accordance with the law, the Organisation purchased an insurance contract through private insurance. 

– Individual accident insurance: insurance has been purchased for all competitors.

The Organisation’s insurer does not cover any material damage(s) that the athlete may cause to his bicycle or to a third party’s bicycle, or by a third party (damage to bicycles are not covered, including civil liability in the event of a collision between cyclists).

It is in the competitor’s interest to purchase an insurance contract with the insurer of his choice for any material damage that sporting activities may expose him to.

Competitors should be aware of the risks inherent with this type of sporting event, which requires prior training and excellent physical condition. The Organisation will not assume any liability whatsoever for any accident / injury / bodily harm / disability / death incurred by a competitor, with the exception of accidents where the direct cause is a breach of legal obligations by the Organisation.

In addition, the Organisation will not assume any liability for any damage, loss or theft of any property / material / personal equipment before, during and after the race. It is up to the competitors to purchase insurance to cover this type of risk, as applicable.

Article 2 – Categories and awards

To appear in the final standings, the competitor must complete the course in its entirety.

No award may be subsequently claimed by a competitor absent during the award ceremony.

The age group is based on the competitor’s age as of December 31, 2022.

Year of birth
Baby Climber
Junior Climber
Hero Climber 1
Hero Climber 2
Hero Climber 3
Legend Climber 1
Legend Climber 2
70 and more
Legend Climber 3
1952 and less

Article 3 – Cancellation of the event

In the event of cancellation or permanent interruption of the event for any reason beyond the Organisation’s control and, in particular, any case of force majeure, any decision by public authorities (in particular prompted by security reasons or preservation of public order), any risk of bad weather or confirmed bad weather, the Organisation will not incur any liability whatsoever towards the competitors, the registration fees will not be reimbursed. Competitors waive in advance any claim or request for reimbursement whatsoever as a result of these cases of cancellation or interruption.

In the event of an exceptional public health situation declared by the State (Example: COVID-19 pandemic), the Organisation will be subject to the reimbursement conditions specified in the specific legal framework at the time of cancellation, beyond the application of its own criteria (set out in article 4).

In this possible context, additional elements may be requested from competitors (PCR test, health pass, etc.). Hypothetical health measures may also be implemented, which the competitors must comply with (wearing of a mask, respecting safe distances, etc.).

Article 4 – Cancellation of participation and reimbursement

Two reimbursement methods are available in the event of cancellation:

4-a WITH “Climber Protect 2022” insurance

Climber Protect 2022 cancellation insurance allows insured competitors to be reimbursed for the full amount of registration for any request made BEFORE May 30, 2022 (at midnight):

  • Without proof or reason for cancellation
  • By submitting the request by email to


Please note: Climber Protect 2022 insurance can be purchased only at the time of online registration. It cannot be purchased afterward.

4-b WITHOUT “Climber Protect 2022” insurance 

Competitors who have not purchased Climber Protect 2022 insurance may be partially reimbursed for any request submitted by email to BEFORE May 18, 2022 (at midnight).

Reimbursement amount without Climber Protect 2022 insurance: €40.00

After May 18, 2022, no refund request will be accepted.


  • Bibs are assigned and not interchangeable.
  • No request to transfer bibs from the 2022 edition to the 2023 edition will be accepted
  • The reimbursement conditions for hotel accommodations reserved by a competitor when registering online (registration + hotel package) are specific to each establishment (if in doubt:

Article 5 – registration conditions and supporting documents

Each competitor is required to provide, prior to the competition, a photocopy of his FFC2022 licence (or equivalent from an FFTRI, FFGT and UFOLEP Federation). The licence will serve as proof of a medical certificate but will not cover the competitor on the day of the event.

For foreigners, only cycling and triathlon licences are accepted.


In the event the participant is not licensed, a medical certificate of fitness of less than one year with no contraindication to the practice of competitive cycling must be presented. Otherwise, any participation in the competition is excluded. In the event that the competitor provides the Organisation with a non-compliant or falsified medical certificate, the Organisation will not be responsible for the health of the competitor in the event of a problem before during and after the race. 


The entry of the competitor in the competition essentially implies his adherence to these regulations. The competitor agrees to take note of all the provisions of the regulations.

Article 6 – Images


The competitor expressly authorises the competition’s Organisation as well as partners, sponsors and media to use photos and videos (which may include his surname and given name, his comments and his depiction) taken throughout the event, in which the competitor appears. The competitor declares in advance to accept any use by the Organisation or any authorised third party of these photos and videos and/or all or part of their content or excerpts for the following strict needs, without time limit: (a) broadcast of the event (i.e. any broadcast in full or in excerpts, live or delayed, through any media and through any known platform or that which is created in the future, radio broadcast, television broadcast, any communication or mobile distribution, online, digital, in closed circuits or in public places, all broadcasts on an airplane or at sea, internet, video, DVD); (b) use by any partner / sponsor / supplier of the event for their operations / institutional communication campaign (excluding any use for an advertising campaign); (c) promotion of future editions of the event or any associated event / operation; (d) institutional or commercial promotion of limited liability company Cyrille Neveu and Youniti SL.

Article 7 – Race regulations


7.1 Safety


THE CLIMB Alpe d’Huez roads are open to traffic throughout the duration of the event.

Participating in a popular event on public roads requires compliance with the highway code and any prefectural and/or municipal by-laws.

Competitors are required to comply with traffic regulations; in particular, they are required to ride on the right side of the road. 

Follower vehicles are prohibited (car, van, motorcycle, scooter) as they are dangerous for competitors and other users. Only the Organisation’s (accredited) vehicles are allowed to follow the competitors. Any participant followed by car, motorcycle or on foot by his companions incurs immediate disqualification (by the race marshals).

The timed start of the event begins at the foot of Alpe d’Huez, and is realised by the Organisation.

The fictive and individual (compulsory) start of the event occurs on Route du Stade in Bourg d´Oisans.

7.2 Competitors obligations

Competitors commit to:

  • Receiving no outside help, either from a vehicle, from another competitor, or from a spectator.
  • Complying with the start times corresponding to their bib (and arriving at the times indicated by the Organisation at the “Warm-up zone”).
  • Knowing, understanding and following the regulations.
  • Behaving with sportsmanship.
  • Being responsible for their own safety and that of other participants.
  • Following the directions of the marshals and members of the Organisation.
  • Informing marshals in the event of withdraw
  • Not using any means of communication or audio that could be a distraction.
  • Respecting the clean zones clearly indicated by the Organisation or other public facilities enabling respect for the environment.
  • Treating other athletes, marshals, volunteers and spectators with respect and courtesy.
  • Complying with doping rules.
  • Avoiding any political and/or religious demonstration.


7.3 Warm-up Zone starts

THE CLIMB Alpe d´Huez is a cycling event held as an individual time trial.

The event starts occur, one by one, from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday June 18th.

When registering online, the competitor has the option of choosing between 4 time slots, from 3 to 4 p.m., from 4 to 5 p.m., from 5 to 6 p.m., limited by the spots already reserved.

The starting order and the exact starting time for each competitor are established by the Organisation.

Once registered, the competitor is unable to request a change in his start time.

Only competitors will be admitted to the Starting Zone, during the time slot assigned to them.


7.4 The competitor’s official kit and service

Registration for THE CLIMB Alpe d’Huez includes:

– Bib and frame plate

– Official THE CLIMB Alpe d´Huez jersey

– Official water bottle

– Refuelling (refuelling stops during the race and complete refuelling at the finish line)

– Climbers Party with 2 drink vouchers

– Downhill Breakfast (Sunday June 19)


7.5 Wearing of the bib & Frame plate

Wearing of the bib and the frame plate provided by the Organisation is compulsory:

  • The bib must be visible on the back and the frame plate installed at the level of the handlebars (front)
  • The competitor (with his helmet) must present his bib and his bike already fitted with his frame plate upon entering the “Warm-up zone” where his equipment will be inspected


7.6 Assistance

  • A competitor may not under any circumstances be accompanied during his attempt and therefore benefit from outside help (companion, coach, etc.).
  • A competitor may not under any circumstances accompany another competitor or be accompanied by another competitor (under penalty of immediate disqualification of both participants)
  • Competitors must provide their own mechanical assistance, and must have provided their own repair equipment. A broom wagon will be put in place.
  • Assistance provided by volunteers or officials is permitted but should be limited to food and drink refuelling, as well as medical assistance.
  • Competitors can help each other during a race by sharing various accessories, such as food and drink, as well as a pump, tire, inner tube and puncture repair kit.
  • The use of any audio material is prohibited.
  • Competitors are required to stop and assist any other competitor who is injured in an accident, or in a situation of distress.

7.7 Penalties

In the event of a breach of any rule, the course manager and the marshals have the power to exclude a participant.


Reasons for immediate disqualification:

  • Assistance during the race
  • Waste disposal outside the clean zones
  • Dangerous behaviour, non-compliance with the code


7.8 Equipment


Each competitor commits to starting the race with equipment that complies with the regulations and is in good working condition (brakes, new tires, suitable clothing, etc.).

  • Disc brakes are permitted.
  • All bicycles are permitted, except electric bicycles.
  • Wearing of an approved rigid helmet is compulsory throughout the cycling part (and will be inspected at the entrance to the Warm-up Zone).